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Another bee season wraps up!

Hard to believe it's that time of year again.... summer has flown by and the time has come to tuck the bees away, cozy in their hives, for winter! Across the country beekeepers did not do as well as hoped and there is still much speculation on the cause of the decline of the honey bees. We believe the variables are many: pesticides, pollution, frequencies, malnutrition etc... The cost of honey is predicted to spike and we find ourselves once again in the place of hoping to have enough honey to keep our customers happy until next season when we will extract again! Wishing you all a wonderful fall! We will see you at various craft fairs, and winter markets. We also have some fundraising planned for some school as well as one to raise money for kids in Haiti to go to school! God is good and we are happy to steward his resources to make a difference in our world and ultimately bring him glory. May He find us faithful!


Sheldon and Kim

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