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We are proud to present our local no.1 Canada pure unpateurized honey.  In addition, our specialty products made with  the pure and natural treasures from the hive are a special treat!  So go ahead... spoil someone else or pamper yourself:)

Sweet Treats...

3 kg pail

5 kg pail

7 kg pail

390ml jar                                 Honey Straws 

780ml jar (1kg)                     

available in glass, 

plastic or squeeze hives.

Flavoured Gourmet           Flavoured Sample

Glass Teddy Bear                Size(45ml)

Collectible Jar

Gift Items...

Honey Bee Earrings


Branching Out Bee Necklace


Honey Bee Necklace


Aqua Butterfly Branch Necklace


Vintage Bird Clock Necklace


Little Bird with Freshwater Pearl Earrings


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